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October 14, 2019 / Congau

Syrian Shambles

There are only seven armies left in Syria now (or thirteen or fourteen, depending on how you count), so when Chief Trump pulls his forces out, it makes a slight difference. The erratic commander makes a golden mess of everything he touches, so of course it is a pity for him that he leaves this ideal playing field, but then again, the Syrian scramble is quite capable of not taking care of itself without him.

The field is more open to the Russians and the Turks to enjoy themselves. That may be bad news for American geostrategy, but for Syria it may be just as well.

From our eagle perspective in the safe western distant, who can truly distinguish good from bad? Well, the IS hardly calls for much sympathy, (although our view of them is probably far too simplified) but other than that there can be no obvious superior villains in this game of villainy.

The perverted history of mankind and its basic instincts are again being played out in the historic land of ancient Assyria. Power and position, little people who get caught up in local strife and big powers from outside who eagerly want to pick up the spoils. It is hard to construct moral principles that would justify the action on either side.

Everyone is always right from the narrow perspective of the pond where he is floating, which means he is almost always wrong from the view of the big sea. Sure the Kurds deserve their own land, clearly the Alawites need to protect their minority rights, obviously the Arab Sunnis majority (including the IS) don’t want to be reduced to servitude in their own land, naturally the Turks are worried about the Kurds, no wonder Russia and the US see the global risks and opportunities latent in the struggle.

Everyone is right, and that’s why they are all wrong. Now there’s one faulty player less. Pulling out is well done for someone who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

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