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May 15, 2022 / Congau

Bullied into Suicide

What would you do if a heavily armed bully came to your home and demanded you give him your house or he would kill your family? Would you put up a fight? Would you grab what kitchen knives and baseball bats you had to resist the intruder’s machine gun? Your family would soon be dead, but I suppose you would be honored for your bravery and perhaps that would be worth it to you.
Or let’s imagine the bully was a little slow in his movements and you had a big family. He meticulously started killing off one by one but you had time to run to your neighbor and borrow a hunting gun. There would be a long fight, your family would suffer and die, you would me maimed and your house would be burned to the ground. (Even the brute would receive a scratch but he was too big to be annihilated.)
Why did you do it? What was your point? I’m not asking who is more to blame, of course the attacker started it, but if you consider yourself a rational person, why did you make everything so much worse for yourself? If you had let him have your house, you would still have had your family and your health.
Nothing good will come out of this. The longer the fighting rages on the more Ukrainians will get killed, more widows, more fatherless children, more refugees and more devastation. It is all so completely predictable. Yet, they are not willing to do the one sensible thing, save themselves and stop fighting. Let the Russians have the house; the Ukrainians can still live there with their families, healthy and alive.
Bullies are bad, but obstinate and vain pride makes it all worse. Stop fighting while you still can.

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