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October 13, 2019 / Congau

Freedom Bought for Free

Nothing really matters. Not here. Not where we are all so free. We live and let live in perfect tolerance and indifference.

The old creeds are gone. Medieval darkness is replaced by the light of infidelity. Ideological oppression is replaced by pragmatic nihilism. Nothing is left to hold on to. Our freedom has nothing to grasp.

They used to believe. Wars of religion were fought on the European continent and curtains of iron divided the minds. It mattered what one believed and it was important to stand firm. Whoever has something to die for, has something to live for.

But believers are coming. The fanatics, we call them. They are pouring in from the despotic parts of the world abusing our freedom with their unrestrained devotion. Don’t they understand that tolerance excludes passion? We accept anyone who accepts everything; anyone who is dull enough to be careless; anyone who is tepid like us.

Diversity is wonderful, we think. We decorate our façade with flashing colors; sounds from seducing sirens fill the air with meaningless enticements. There is so much of it; the choices are endless, but it’s all the same for it’s all supply and no demand. We approve of everything for we commit to nothing. It can be bought and sold again for a profit or thrown away for a better deal. We are so tolerant!

Everything is tolerated except intolerance. Passion cannot be tolerated for passion believes in truth and truth excludes falsity. Truth is one and falsity is many.

Free society has given up on truth. Since everything is equally false, there is no reason to be picky, and tolerance is born.

We can afford to grant freedom because we don’t believe. But what is freedom if not freedom to believe? Freedom is given to those who don’t need it.

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