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July 8, 2020 / Congau


The self needs succor. Nothing can uphold itself without support from outside.

Even the freest eagle hovering in the sky and gliding effortlessly without any visible support, uses the winds and the currents to keep its arrogant height and when the wings are tired it rests in a tree rooted in the firm ground. And it can’t stay a lonely bird for long; a spouse, equally haughty, condescends to provide a nest where it can find succor for itself.

Even the lone wolf, the romantic ideal of a self-sufficient hunter, is a grumpy creature. It trots along the fields, suspiciously eying anything that may infringe on its domain and selfishly guarding its dead prey. At night it cries to the moon for succor.

Even man, the most beastly of all animals, is helpless. In fact, he is more lost in the world than any other species and is in almost constant need for someone to come to his rescue. Such a proud creature with such an inflated sense of individuality, and yet he would soon succumb without the most basic support. Not only are his newborn offspring utterly defenseless but also the grown specimen is a weakling when left to himself. He arms himself with tools that are foreign to him and builds a shelter to protect his fragile shell. He helps himself to what is external to him but fails to find sufficient help in all that nature offers.

He himself needs help. She herself needs succor. They themselves are nothing in themselves.

A mind seeks another mind. It delights in objects, sure. It is amused by tasks and puzzles, right. But more than anything it desires confirmation. It must believe that it is not alone among those lifeless things.

The self needs another self. The self needs succor.

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