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July 4, 2020 / Congau


People don’t want to be told the truth, not your truth at least, not mine either. We know we are right, of course, but they just refuse to listen, don’t they? Try to explain to them their obvious faults and shortcomings in an honest effort to improve their character, and they will aggressively shut up and turn their back on you. Strange, isn’t it?

People don’t like straight talk. They insist on being offended by the most obvious descriptions of reality. It’s as plain as day, but they prefer the obscurity of the night. So it seems to be your lot to have to spread the light.

Poor you. No one listens, but you keep going, shouting your message to the world. If someone is ugly, you have to tell them. If someone is so selfish that they don’t give you their part, they ought to know. You just want to be fair, but somehow it doesn’t make you popular.

Maybe you are simply not loud enough like the big guys. You don’t have the megaphone of a president of the divided states, and your manners are not crude enough to be a professional bully. There is still room for improvement, and if you just drop that last piece of self-restraint, you may reach far. Everyone knows that the fittest survive, that might is right and that man is a wolf, and it would be rather stupid not to give the world that obvious message and not take advantage of it. Isn’t that what you think?

Unfortunately the world is not quite that simple. The purity of black and white is rare and the shades of dawn and dusk extend into most of the day. As soon as one statement is made a paradox arises and eliminates its certainty. Maybe your truth is not the whole truth. Discretion is advised.

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