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June 28, 2020 / Congau


Who is your muse? What makes you create? How are you incited to act differently from what is expected? Why do you surprise yourself? Where does it come from?

Human beings are not computers. We don’t process our input in a mechanistic way securing an outcome that directly follows from a preprogrammed operation. When inspired we don’t conform to a strict path of logic but swerve out of the habit of always combining the same equation of x and y. We don’t know what follows next and it appears to come from nowhere.

But nothing comes from nothing, so inspiration must be granted by our own personal muse. Who is she? A supernatural being? A spirit that transmits spirit into our soul?

However you choose to look at it, this is the nature of creativity: something which comes from nothing which comes from something. It goes beyond physics and beyond logic, so why not attribute it to a mythical being with a stringed instrument.

Inspiration is a breath of life into stale habits and mechanical thinking. It comes from inside, but it doesn’t. It comes from outside, but it doesn’t. Anything out there can incite inspiration, but it’s not in that thing since it can be transformed into something totally different if only the mind lets go of its restraints.

Inspiration is total renewal. The thing that inspires and the person inspired come into contact, but the result is in not a mixture of the two but something totally different. A painting is not an actual landscape united with the mind of an artist as if they were two ingredients mixed in a bowl. A third element is present. You may call it your muse if you like. Call it a leap of freedom or a rupture of constraints. Call it inspiration.

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