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June 26, 2020 / Congau


The entrance is the most frightening part of any process. Once you have started, you can go along and come what may, at least you will have some idea about what you are up against. Not so at the beginning. The point at which it all starts, the embryo of the introduction, is nothing in itself, but it contains all that will come. When taking the first step into it, it has all been decided. Your fate is in the matrix.

Perhaps it would be safer to bypass the entire matriculation. If you never enter the school of life, all the following missteps will effectively be avoided. There will be other errors, sure, there will be accidents, even disasters, maybe, but they will not be caused by that one fateful event.

The initiation embodies the greatest risk, for it contains all the dangers that will come, but it also carries within its womb all those good things that you thought you wanted. There shouldn’t be much to consider, really, but you hesitate.

It is not necessary to cast the die. You don’t have to matriculate. Life will go on without any conscious decision, and good and bad things will happen anyway. Living is learning, but outside of any school the training is arbitrary. Whatever you stumble on, adds to your experience, but without an order, it risks remaining a fruitless mess.

The matrix of development is in matriculation. The moment of fear is the moment of possibility, and the coward will miss it.

Virtue can be learned, but courage is needed to start learning. Where can you then learn courage? You can’t have it before you have learned it, and you can’t learn it before you have it. Is it impossible then?

No, the first step can’t be learned, but you can take it anyway. Matriculate!


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