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June 21, 2020 / Congau


You think you love colors, the sparkling inconsistency of flashy lights that appear without any rule or pattern. You absorb the enlightenment from dozens of ideas conveyed to you in an enticing language indistinguishable from all other esthetic expressions that are there for your enjoyment.

They are all a little right, you think. Those philosophers of different schools are artists of varying styles, but you can use them all when decorating your life and living room. Everything fits into your broad mind.

I’m sorry, your tolerance has gone astray if you think you have to believe in all those conflicting ideologies that catch your attention. You think they all have a point and you pride yourself of how skillfully you accept them all and make them fit into your individual chaos.

We may not want to return to the dark ages of medieval orthodoxy, but the world did lose something when it entered the modern era of seemingly infinite diversity. It is not so bad that we can choose what to believe but the refusal to choose is unfortunate and the desire to choose everything is even worse.

You are an individual and as such it makes you a mess of conflicting inclinations. But whatever the world is, it is a coherent whole, or else there wouldn’t have been anything there for you to observe and try to make sense of. The different interpretations of the world, the different philosophical systems worth noticing, need to be consistent to explain anything.

For the individualist lover of freedom, it may seem like too great of a sacrifice to have to commit oneself to one system and reject most of the others, but without coherence there is no freedom either. We must make some sense of the world to be able to resist and avoid being caught by the slightest whim.


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