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June 17, 2020 / Congau


No one would resist a lawful government. No one calls himself a resurgent. A rebel – maybe, a freedom fighter – definitely, but a resurgent – impossible.

Some people break the law. They are criminals. Insurgents are criminals, the worst of the lot, for they break all the laws. From the perspective of the authorities, nothing could be worse. They are terrorists.

No one can break a law that doesn’t exist. No one can do anything against what is non-existent. From the standpoint of the rebels, the government is made of criminals who are breaking the law of nature. That law exists.

They are fighting a war; the government against the insurgents – the freedom fighters against the tyranny. They are fighting a war of words.

“The first victim of war is the truth,” it is said. In a war of words there is no truth.

Words are not true or untrue. They reflect no other reality than the speaker gives it. You can call a thing whatever you want; you can yell at it or praise to the skies, it remains the same earthly object.

Hero or villain? He is a man. That is all we can agree on. If we don’t give him the same name, we can’t talk about him. Let’s call him a man.

The man wants to follow the law, not any law, the law. Whoever is fighting for what he thinks is right, is fighting for the law

The anarchist is fighting for the law: it’s the law of anarchy.

Law is right, and right is law. The circle of definition allows us to talk without saying anything.

The man is a rebel. Can we all agree on that? Right or wrong, he is fighting against established authority. If you are ever called an insurgent, you should rebel.

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