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June 14, 2020 / Congau


The globe is full of colors. A symbol of diversity and variation, one might think, a planet earth where different shades exist and sparkle together. It’s just a map wrapped around a ball, and the colors that we see are not real. One domain is painted red and another yellow, but that’s to tell them apart. If you flew over the real thing you would see a gradual shift in nature; there are no abrupt changes.

Everyone knows that: The earth is one. But travel on this common earth of ours and those non-existent differences come into existence. There is no change of color but try to enter a different domain and you may still notice the color change.

Pink people can only be in a pink land, and those purple areas are for purple people. Upon inspection neither the landscape nor the skin betrays any traces of such colors, but some have discovered that they do exist beyond any reasonable doubt.

Isn’t it strange that some people are not allowed to tread the earth where others can roam freely? A special permission is needed to access vast tracts of uninhabited land that belongs to no one.

No one’s property is someone’s property; the estate of one tribe to the exclusion of another.

What have I done to be granted an entrance? Why is he deported?

Why pretend there is justice on this earth when all the fancy colors of the globe bear witness to injustice. Equals should be treated equally, but that’s only valid within the jurisdiction. People are not people for human laws have invented citizens, and more importantly non-citizens.

Don’t tell me the colors on my table globe are not real. They shine and lighten my room when I turn on its inner lamp, but it gives me no enlightenment. All men are not created equal, it says.

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