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June 11, 2020 / Congau


Let’s honor the man of courage. Let’s sing his praise, extol his deeds as he stood the ground in face of danger, recount the story of battle and fearless resistance, how he dared to kill without getting killed, risking his life to take life.

The soldier is brave; the paramount example of a hero; the man of violence is a man of virtue.

A thirst for blood and a war to fight. Fearless is thoughtless, a killing machine without mercy. Bravery is a brutal force with no concern for oneself or others. How virtuous!

Yet courage is indeed an ancient virtue. The Greek philosophers were not in doubt: A good man must be brave.

Yes, he must. He must be brave, alright, but that is not enough. Courage alone is nothing and worse than nothing. The one who fights but not for justice, is a rogue. The one who hastens without prudence, is a fool. And without self-control he becomes a reckless berserk.

Should we honor the individual of courage? Should we really praise that person? Yes, if the courage is true; if the courage is courage.

The ancient cardinal virtues are four in number: Courage, justice, prudence and temperance. One cannot exist without the others.

Who are the brave soldiers? Who deserves the medals? Did they fight for a good cause? Did they make wise decisions or did they follow orders? If they did, they were not soldiers. A soldier cannot be brave.

Courage is to face the danger – the danger that is worth facing.

What has worth in life but life? The courageous fight for life.

How? Where? When? In life.

The world is a dangerous place. Every day is a risk. Run and hide and avoid it or stand and fight and do some good.

Let’s be brave.


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