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January 28, 2020 / Congau

Only One Freedom

Freedom is one thing; constraint is many.

Freedom is what is right; constraint is all that is wrong.

The bull’s eye is one point; everything else misses the point.

You might think it’s the other way around. The one thing they force you to do, is the one thing that constrains you, and everything else, any fleeting whim you may have, is freedom.

Freedom is pluralism, you think. Is it?

Pluralist society does give you the option to follow a different path. It does let you choose what is wrong for you, if that had been your desire. It lets you hurt yourself if you want. But do you want to? Of course not.

If you are free, it is not because of the many options you are given, but because of the choices you are making.

A so-called free society gives you one chance to choose freedom and thousand others to choose your own prison. That’s the best this society can do, the rest you must do yourself.

A real free society would make it easier for us to choose our freedom. It wouldn’t give an endless array of choices and claim that they were all equally desirable.

Philosophers have strived to construct this ideal society and have come up with schemes that make the laws force people into their freedom. Since freedom is one thing, this sounds doable, but it isn’t.

Your freedom is one thing. Mine is also one, but not the same. A common law would take away the freedom for at least one of us.

Society can’t make us free. It either gives too much or too little and it can’t possibly get it right for only you can see your own bull’s eye.

That is, maybe you can see it if you are lucky, and maybe you can hit it if you are even luckier.

Freedom is personal.

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