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January 5, 2020 / Congau

Not Guilty

The law convicted you, and you care about the law. You know you were innocent, your intentions were pure, but the formal letters of commandment are clear. It says: “Thou shalt not”, but you did. It is so simple: You are guilty.

Religious laws are damning, but human laws are just as harsh. The denouncing cry is always heard: Illegal! Illegal! As if that is the worst that can be said.

It may be illegal, but why is it so? The authorities decided, but who are they? Do you live in a state run by gods?

It may be in your best interest to obey the law. You don’t want to be punished; it hurts to pay a fine. Often social order is more important than the trivial content of the law, and you might as well obey. And sure, some laws are good: Do obey them.

But. Your ultimate guilt is not decided by written formulas and inflexible legalities. Sometimes it is wrong to break the law, but sometimes it is right. When?

When? you ask. If I answered that question precisely, I would be making a law as stiff and rigid as any other. Break bad laws and obey the good ones. But who is to decide which is which? You.

Only you and your conscience can decide, and your guilt or innocence is based on that decision alone. No one can hide behind a bad law.

The burden is on your shoulders and a bad law cannot acquit you; the weight of guilt may still be yours.

But don’t despair for the opposite is also true: A bad law cannot convict you. What does it matter if those flawed rules and courts of injustice heap guilty verdicts on your head if the Truth absolves you?

Then you are truly Not Guilty.

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