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December 26, 2019 / Congau

Free Submission

Whatever is, is normal. We all live in our private universe where everything is fixed according to our habits and it’s hard to imagine things being different. Moreover, we don’t want them to be different; not because it is all so great, but because it is normal. We don’t desire the laws of nature to change, we are fine with gravity, and the laws of society are just as natural. We don’t wish we could fly, and we don’t think seriously about fundamental social change.

Still, society is man-made, and we know that in a way. It could theoretically be different, and if we strain our imagination to an uncomfortable level, we may realize it. So if another social reality is even remotely possible, that seems to suggest that we have a choice, and indeed, once in a while we are asked to choose. The laws of nature are never up for election, but the social ones are regularly voted on, even though they appear to be almost as immutable.

It’s a wonderful feeling, isn’t it? Our fixed universe of normality seems to be our own decision. True, we vote for what we already have, but the fact that we are asked, gives us power – or that’s what it feels like.

In a free society, people live in their bubbles of reality, limited by the narrowness of their perspective. That’s how people live everywhere; imprisoned by the circumstances. A choice is a useless if it’s not used, and if we just go with the flow anyway, the choice is meaningless.

A free society asks its subjects to confirm their submission and they do it willingly. That’s the essence of our freedom: the voluntary submission to the inevitable.

We want normality, not freedom, but it’s easier to rule us if we think we’ve got the freedom.

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