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December 4, 2019 / Congau

Eclectic Laziness

Many people pride themselves of their flexibility in matters of ideology. The rigid and dogmatic world view is not well regarded in this world of wild diversity and abundant supermarkets of ideas. Better then to pick more or less randomly from the shelves and obtain a pleasant mixture. Choosing the best from all worlds secures satisfaction and above all it saves you from thinking.

If only it were that easy. The world may be messy, but nothing comes from nowhere and there is actually a reason for everything. One thing always leads to another and the causal chain, though not predictable, is not arbitrary. Whatever you choose will have consequences and good sometimes leads to bad.

As ordinary people walking around in this confused world of ours, we don’t have much responsibility beyond our immediate circle and it is tempting to accept anything that we can’t fully control, which is pretty much everything, as laws of nature that couldn’t have been otherwise. And since it makes no sense to rebel against nature, we might as well approve of it. Everything that is, is therefore good enough and all inconsistencies are proven acceptable by their very existence.

For our easygoing contemporaries all dogmas are disturbing sharp edges that interrupts the smoothness of an all-embracing tolerance. For them the world already makes perfect sense because it exists and is confirmed by habit. They are ready to fit everything into their flexible frames and congratulate themselves on their free-thinking ability to accommodate whatever looks good into their unsystematic system.

In reality they are just lazy. It is easier to accept the world at it is than taking the trouble to imagine it being different.

Any explanation of causal intricacies have to be consistent, or else they explain nothing. The  lazy eclectic doesn’t care about an explanation.

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