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October 26, 2019 / Congau

Happy Drugs

We want happiness, that’s all we want – the feeling of satisfaction. We strive towards it, but can’t achieve it, so what should we do?

How about taking happy pills? Or better yet, a heavy drug that transports the mind into a feeling of bliss. Well, that would be very unhealthy for our body and it leads to addiction and all that, but let’s disregard that for a moment. Let’s suppose drugs had no side-effects whatsoever, why not take it and take it again and live your whole life in this enchanted state that opium users report. Why not indeed? Wouldn’t you do it?

I think I know your answer. You wouldn’t do it, and neither would I. But why not? We just agreed that happiness is everything.

It’s because we intuitively don’t believe that drugs can bring lasting happiness. Whatever is said about it and whatever wonderful experiences we may have had, we sense that happiness would have to include a feeling of reality.

Happiness is all in our mind, but a sense of reality is also in our mind. Even if that feeling were to be lost on drugs, we have it in our sober state, and we think our happiness depends on it. Whatever you wish for, name the things in life you think would make you happy, they would all presuppose reality. If you want money, you don’t want imaginary money. If you want love, you want it to be true. No one would knowingly choose an illusion.

Only for brief moments do people do it openly and willingly. They take drugs and watch movies to escape from reality, but shudder when they encounter the spaced-out addict and the mental patient who live their life in a movie.

No one wants to be mad. We don’t really think a madman can be happy.

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