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September 26, 2019 / Congau


The best doesn’t always win. Free competition doesn’t ensure quality for that is not what we are looking for. We choose what is more visible and what already has a competitive advantage. The trends are reinforced over and over, and nothing succeeds like success.

On the global market globalism wins, not because it offers anything better but just because it spreads and grows and becomes omnipresent. It becomes the undeniable reality, as naturally as anything else around us, and it is difficult to imagine it not being there. The sky is blue and grass is green, coca cola is the drink and macdonalds is the food, and just as we cannot imagine the laws of nature to be different we don’t think of the possibility of those universal brands to be absent.

There is no choice anymore, for we only have a choice when we are conscious of the possibility of things being different.

Humans are creatures of habit and we are always enclosed in our private world of limited imagination. Surely, at any point of history the little man has found himself in an isolated corner where he perceives everything inside it as the obvious reality and everything outside as non-existent. Still the more enterprising individuals could venture to the next valley and find a different reality and it might occur to them that something could be different and that consequently they had a choice.

Now the world has shrunk to the point where the valley of globalism is everywhere. When we now look away from our native conditions, we don’t see the myriads of local cultures around the world. Maybe the Bengalis or the Hausa possess interesting features that would fit you just right, but you will never know since all you see is the global marketplace where the winners have already won and the loudest screamers get your support.

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