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September 24, 2019 / Congau

Making the Police Happy

Laws are made to make society as well functioning as possible. Nothing else could be the purpose, but the idea of what it means for something to function well is sometimes confused, especially when it comes to something as value laden as a society. Order easily becomes a goal unto itself without enough consideration as to the ultimate reason for it.

A well working machinery is in a way always praiseworthy. A sophisticated weapon system is certainly admirable if we can only forget that it may be used for massive killing. A society that runs smoothly also looks impressive even if it is an oppressive totalitarian state and, with a slight twist of language, we could be tempted to call it a happy state.

Now if you want to contribute to this “happy state”, you should always obey its laws. After all your very obedience is a part of its proper function. However, if you rather think that the notion of a happy state is quite meaningless unless the individuals who populate it are happy, you would be less concerned with the formal rules than with the outcome. Sure, if everyone tells on the Jews, the Nazi state will be more successful, and if you only care about the well being of your democratic government, you add your support when it suppresses minorities. But if you wish to see your fellow man as content as possible, you make an effort to please him rather than his superiors.

Sometimes there is no contradiction and both little man and big government benefit from your straight behavior. But sometimes you can only make the police happy, and then your choice should be easy. A medal for bravery and good conduct is worth nothing if it wasn’t given for the assistance of real people. Only people can be happy.

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