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December 29, 2016 / Congau

Prosperous Palestine

The Palestinians live in material misery – occupied, harassed and oppressed. They are squeezed into their narrow strip and locked up on the West Bank, removed from the rest of the world. But they are also in the center of the world. No other spot on Earth get as much attention and no other land is associated with greater ideas.

It must be strange to be Palestinian – so insignificant as only poverty and oppression can make a man, but at the same time so significant in the middle of the global spotlight. The very misery is a reminder of their importance.

The Palestinians cannot be poor, for they have something to fight for; the idea of the most important land in the world – the promised land. It is lucky to have a battle to fight, a purpose and a higher meaning. We should be holy Muslim warriors and Jewish pioneers, but instead we eat in abundance and drowse in apathy.

In Europe there is no fire. The politics is boringly ordered and the ideologies are dismissed with indifferent tolerance. Aimlessly, we fill our belly. In Palestine life has meaning; in Europe they are not so sure.

Whoever believes in something cannot be poor, for something is dear to them and that is their treasure. We should envy the Palestinians. Their land is holy for there the ideas dwell. Palestine is the beacon of the world; Europe sees the shadows.



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