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December 22, 2016 / Congau

Detestable Power

Power corrupts. The will to power is the will to corruption. An honest man does not seek power.

The philosopher kings, the fictitious rulers of Plato’s ideal republic, had to be forced to take power. They sacrificed themselves for the good of the community, but would rather have wanted to keep their purity as private citizens. In real life there is no such sense of sacrifice in a public office and if a powerful man actually claims to be sacrificing himself, he is probably the greatest hypocrite. Power is the highest honor and the highest reward for a scoundrel. We should detest our politicians, for they do it all for themselves.

Unluckily, in democratic states a politician needs to be liked to be elected, and the quest for popularity accompanies the quest for power. That confuses the picture. When the highest leader is loved and admired, the blame of bad government is not put on him, and the people believe in the lies and accept their misery.

Not so in a dictatorship. There people look at their grey and shadowy leaders and know who is guilty. The government lies to them and they know it. They hate their politicians and that is their realism. Only those who know the world they live in will know how to change it.

The beloved ruler is a dangerous deception. He makes the power look attractive and thereby he also corrupts his people.

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