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December 15, 2016 / Congau

My Country Is Always Right

This attitude is so common that there is no need to worry about an ease of tension in the world. It is a guarantee against too much rationality and makes jolly conflicts blossom. Facts are stupid things.

There are some barren cliffs scattered in the ocean and everybody wants them. The Chinese want them, and they know it is their right. The Japanese are equally convinced, and so are the Koreans.

In Vietnam everybody is absolutely certain that the Paracel Islands, many miles off their coast, belongs to them and them only. How can they be so sure? Because their country is always right. They have their proof, but the Chinese also have theirs. An outsider can look at them and compare. Certain facts favor the Vietnamese claim, but others are tilting towards the Chinese. There is no way any of the evidence can be conclusive.

If the case were to be sent to an international court, the judges would have to ponder on it for many long days and whatever the verdict, it would not be easy. But no such tiresome brain racking is necessary if you happen to be Vietnamese. Then you only have to look at one side of the issue and take any feeble indication to be overwhelming evidence. After all you cannot be in doubt for if a war breaks out you must be ready to sacrifice everything for those useless cliffs.

If you are not Vietnamese, another country will decide what is right for you. Your nation relieves you of the need to reason for yourself.

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