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December 13, 2016 / Congau

Justice Beyond Society

Justice, whatever it is, is unlikely to be found in the justice system of your country. Justice is absolute, isn’t it? There is only one way to give someone the right share of what he deserves and all other measures of distribution will necessarily miss the target. All we can hope for is an approximation.

We should even be skeptical about the system’s ability to reach somewhere close to the ideal. Society, as it is, is an accident of history and therefore it could have been different. Out of the infinite number of possible worlds and possible human societies, it is completely unlikely that the time and place where you happened to be born is the best of all. Even if we limit the range of what could be to the around two hundred state formation of the world today, it is not so probable that your country is the one that has found the best way of distributing justice.

Therefore, when trying to determine what is just in absolute terms we will have to look well beyond the current state of affairs. Laws and courts are rather irrelevant for deciding what is good and just and whether or not something is termed legal or illegal is not a trustworthy measure of morality. Ultimately only you and your conscience can make a decision about right and wrong.

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