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December 6, 2016 / Congau

President-Elect What?

They voted for change, but what did they vote for? Any change? Any spectacular outburst of colors, noise and surprise? They voted for some single individual with a considerable entertainment value but without any clear and substantial totality.

Normally a presidential candidate is more than just a person. He has a party behind him or at least he has a recognizable ideology that makes him predictable. This newly elected whoever he is, is just a private person. He has a range of scattered views on various issues and the only thing that holds them together is his own faulty personality.

So what did they vote for? If democracy is to have a meaning, there should be a reasonably close connection between what the people think they choose and what they actually get. The nature of a Trump presidency is completely unknown. The experts are desperately trying to piece together some sort of prediction, but it is little more than guessing. No one knows anything, except perhaps the main character himself. The people have chosen the unknown.

But how can you choose an unknown? It’s the same as not choosing at all. You say: Whatever is inside that sparkling funny box, I’ll take it. You prefer to be surprised rather than choosing for yourself. That could certainly be an amusing little game if it wasn’t so serious.

Now anything may happen. The American people didn’t choose; they rolled the dice.

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