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November 15, 2016 / Congau

Can Food Be Art?

Art is the creation of ideas through sense impressions and since human beings have five senses, a work of art may conceivably address any one of those five. What is directed at the sense of taste is mainly food and accordingly food may be considered an art.

But it is doubtful if the art of cooking can soar toward the same heights as visual and auditive (musical) art. A gourmet meal can probably be a thrilling experience for the trained connoisseur, but the range of ideas that are potentially being opened is likely to be limited.

Music may transfer the listener into all possible emotions and take him far away in wakeful dreams.  Paintings and sculptures may arouse the imagination and convey varied messages in a vivid language.

But taste is just taste and the experiences of the palate can hardly reach farther than associations within the same sensual field. Pictures and music may harbor great ideas, but an exquisite meal stays within the narrow walls of the kitchen.

Food may be art, but hardly great art.

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