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July 15, 2013 / Congau

North Korea is Free

There are two worlds in this world. One of them consists of America, Europe, Africa, Oceania and almost the entire Asia, it’s called “the world” for short. The other one is North Korea.

Once upon a time there were many worlds in this world. Traveling was an adventure and staying meant safety for whatever one had. Societies could develop by their own forces, and only the people belonging to the particular worlds could change them.

Now the world is occupied by aliens; one of the worlds, that is, the other one, is free. North Korea is free, because only North Korea can change North Korea.

An individual is free when only he himself can change himself. If a person exists who cannot be swayed by anyone else, who acts according to his own will only, that person is free. North Korea is such a person. It has chosen its own unique society, and no other country on earth is able to do that. All other countries are ruled by forces other than themselves, and there’s relatively little the local governments can do to adjust the invisible forces that pour in from abroad or from nowhere. North Korea rules itself.

If you’re not happy with the world you live in, there’s only one place you can go. So at least you have a choice. Go to the last alternative there is. Go there and stay there.

Not interested? True, North Korea is a crazy place, but the world is also a crazy place. If there are at least two instances of craziness, that still leaves you a choice, doesn’t it?

Of course it doesn’t. The choices of the modern world are illusions. It’s the kind of choice that gunboat diplomacy traditionally offers: You are free two choose whether we will shoot you or not.

I’m not going to North Korea, because I want to stay in the world. Here I’m a slave to forces that are way beyond my control, but in that other place I would also be slave. Here at least I can guess what is going on around me, but there I would have no idea.

Still I want to keep North Korea in my imagination, for that dreadful dictatorship is the only existing alternative to this world.

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