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August 6, 2020 / Congau

Quantifiable Amount

Everything can be measured and compared. It’s just a matter of deciding on the standard of measurement and then relative value between two objects can be completely determined. A book is measured by its thickness, an image by its pixels, a song by decibels. There are also standards that seem to cover just about anything. All that exists can presumably be reduced to moving molecules, and then there is that one all encompassing estimation of value: money.

On a scale from one to ten, how do you feel? This confusing question sometimes demands an answer, and you are left trying to weigh the heaviness or lightness of heart that you are supposed to be feeling today. You know there is a difference since some days are decidedly better or worse than others, but how could you possibly find that yardstick that would reflect your feelings?

Any reductionist standard can only explain one particular aspect of an object, and the broader its area of explanation the less accurate it will be. Money is only a figure indicating what an odd market of abstract beings wish to acquire and those molecules in motion tells you absolutely nothing about an object that is likely to interest you. 

That being said, nothing is absolutely unique and incomparable. If it were so, there would be no way to even recognize it. If something didn’t look like anything you had ever seen before, it wouldn’t make sense as a separate object and would blend in with the background. Whenever two people see two different things when looking at the same entity, they employ two different standards of measure and the only way they could then agree would be two forget their own assessments and settle for a third one. They look at the price tag and buy it.

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