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August 1, 2020 / Congau


You can rise from low to high without moving. It saves you the effort of having to climb and the heights that can be reached are sometimes more impressive. No wonder some take pleasure in sitting on a throne feeling how the flattery of their subjects exalt them to ever greater altitudes.

Who wouldn’t want to be a little king and sense the power that feeds him with admiration and honor from those poor wretches who need his favors. A slight gesture with his right hand is a sufficient reward, and they would say anything to obtain it: “Our greatest majesty, so full of virtue, the sun of our life.” “They are right of course,” thinks his highness, and bestows his magic grace on the petitioners, little suspecting that there would be any insincerity in their manners.

You are a little king, rising without moving, for your slight gesture is also sometimes needed. Sometimes suppliants gather around you begging for your blessing and you, normally such a miniature entity, swell in proportions. “You are wise,” they tell you. “You are fair and benevolent and your judgment can never fail.” “They are right of course,” you think, never finding it curious that those exalted characters are now scrambling for your grace.

Elections are great for a little man. We shouldn’t begrudge him a moment in the sun and a temporary feeling of exaltation. But he rises without moving; it is not real.

They want our votes, and they want our money. Of course they will flatter us with what touches us the most: An exalted feeling of self, a unique individuality and an unfailing power of judgment. Infallible voters and consumers act more willingly.

It is fair. They flatter us and we raise them. They pretend and we are real. No one laughs at us…

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