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July 26, 2020 / Congau


Doing and get it done. There are so many ways to go about it. Traveling from A to B is rarely a straight path. There are multiple hindrances and uncertainties. How can you go there if you have never been there before? How can you go anywhere for the first time? How did you ever get anywhere?

Well, you know how you got here. You stumbled along, tried and failed, attempted one path and finding it blocked took another and somehow got past. So here you are at point B, which doesn’t look anything like the B you imagined, and dread the prospect of having to move to C.

There must be an easier way. You study the map; you inspect all those little symbols on the paper; you try to imagine what it will be like to go this way and that way and how and when, and you endlessly repeat the theoretically impossible process.

You must be efficient this time, you think. No more wasting time on dead ends and unproductive sidesteps. There is a best way to do it, and you will find it.

Of course you will never find it. It’s not possible to find anything without looking for it where it is. A treasure is not found on a map; a phantasy is not another reality; an attempt is not an attempt until it has been tried.

Hit the road. Take the first step and then the second, that is the only way to get anywhere. The greatest efficacy may not be realized, but it is sure more likely to succeed than the strategy of never setting off until everything can be predicted.

Efficacy and planning: Great tools if they set you going, an impediment if you consider it to be a requirement for reality.

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