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July 25, 2020 / Congau

Discrete But Discreet

A discrete part is not discreet. Far from it. It stands out, making itself visible by refusing to blend in.

When is it good to be discrete and when is it better to be discreet?

When is the time to stand out as an individual and show your distinctness and when is it preferable to stay low and avoid drawing attention?

In our modern times discreetness is rare and discreteness is rarer. Everyone is looking for a chance to be noticed, to flash the light at themselves whether or not they have anything to show. We just want to be seen and we avidly compete for attention on the wide web, wishing to be noticed among all the others who are out there for the same purpose.

So we are just like them and they are just like us. Nothing seems to make us a distinct part in this mass of screaming colors. We are afraid of being different but still want to be recognized as such.

What if you could be yourself? As a unique individual, born with characteristics that only belong to you, you are at least a potential self. But molded by society and shaped by fashion, you are a drawn toward all the rest playing that same game of self-effacing self-glorification.

Be discrete but discreet. By knowing thyself, by being yourself, you naturally make yourself distinct in the crowd of non-personalities and by not shouting and flashing your fake light, you will be different from the others. You may not be any more noticeable, but who is truly noticeable anyway when what they show is a distorted image of themselves.

A person, a real person, goes his own way. He is a lone wolf who does not cry with the other wolves. A discrete individual. A discreet person who stands out.

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