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July 23, 2020 / Congau


It is mine, rightfully mine. The law protects my property and keeps everyone but me away from it. That is my right.

I know what justice is: Getting my share. Acquiring what the law allows me to catch and then hang on to it. For the sake of my rights I never give anything away. I believe in justice.

I am right. Do you disagree with me? Check the law. It states clearly that I have the right to all I have, and more. For freedom is also my inalienable right, and therefore I am free to use my property to acquire more property and not to let anyone hinder me on my way to riches.

Rights are wonderful things, and I am full of them. It protects the individual, me, against the state, it, and other individuals, them. I can appeal to universal justice to get what I want. Maybe you thought justice meant sharing or giving an equal portion to equals and reward them for their merits? Not so. Justice means keeping.

Justice is a tool in my hands, and I can use it to extend my sense of self by means of my ever-expanding property. Thereby I gain power and freedom and rights.

Might is right. That thesis is supported by our institutions and our law. Whenever power has been obtained through property, that enlarged individual, me, can let my will be obeyed as my right.

Do I take the rights of others, you say? Me, a thief? No one is as law abiding as I am. All transactions are conducted strictly in accordance with law. I use my right, to accumulate more rights, and if your rights should be swallowed up by mine, that is just right.

Did anyone really think that rights were for the weak?

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