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July 18, 2020 / Congau


The past is gone. The present is all there is. But we still remember yesterday, and it interferes with the joy of today. The failures that brought us here are haunting us. The gnawing remorse and the guilt are stains that must be washed off if we are to live undisturbed.

Every day is a day after, hanging over from last night. We shouldn’t have done what we did.

We didn’t do it. Our forefathers did. Why are we told those stories? They conquered the land we now inhabit. They were not invited, and neither are we. Therefore we should leave, but we have nowhere to go. We are already at home but it’s not ours. We are intruders.

Forget it then. Pretend it never happened. Today is the first day of history.

Do you feel better now? The hang-over is gone. Your head has stopped aching. No worries. The past is obliterated. Let the party begin.

Light and easy. Your mind is emptied. Dancing to the music of the moment.

Don’t ask why. You are here, but you didn’t get here. There are no causes. What is, is. You are.

The payment for guilt is punishment. If the past is guilt, the present is punishment. We don’t want to be punished. No one wants it.

The past is injustice and so is the present. Life is unjust and failure to realize it, makes it an illusion, devoid of reality. How can we enjoy what is not real?

The past is here in the present. It makes it what it is. You are not to be blamed for history, and your own history can’t be changed even by you. But you have to know what was if you are to know what is.

Don’t forget to remember who you are.

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